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international workshop (Online) Designing Active Brain Breaks for Children’s Classes

International Online Workshop: Designing Active Brain Breaks for Children’s Classes
When teachers see students daydreaming or yawning it’s a sign that students need to get up and move. The brain goes into “sleep mode” after 20 minutes of no movement, so getting kids up and moving helps “wake” them up and get their brains ready to focus on classroom activities.
There are many benefits related to the physical aspects involved in some of our brain breaks. Research shows that periodical physical activity breaks can enhance student learning and behavior. Energizer activities can also increase blood flow and epinephrine levels among drowsy learners, and reduce student restlessness. Movement can be an effective cognitive strategy that reinforces learning, enhances memory and retrieval, and improves students’ motivation and morale. When we exercise, we’re causing the brain to fire signals along with the same network of cells involved in cognitive functions, which solidifies their connections.
In this online workshop "Designing Active Brain Breaks for Children’s Classes" on 24 July 2021, 6 speakers will share some fun and active brain break activities for children’s classes.
Registered participants can access recorded presentations till 27th July 2021
Registered participants will also get access to recorded presentations and
free access to the previous workshop "Workshop Designing Effective Non-Contact Active play and PE activities for Children’s Classes " which was held 23-24 January 2021
Price:€ 19.-
by CAPS, the International Association of Children's Active Play and Sports.
AdobeConnect access link will be sent before the conference to your registration email.
More information:
Dr. Amin Gholami
Vice President CAPS
Also, we will provide for all registered participants FREE offline access to recorded presentation videos on the CAPS website


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