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Online Workshop Principles of Coaching Fundamental Sport Skills of Young Athletes (Multi-Sport Approach)

Specializing children in one specific sport can lead to burnout and even injury, while playing a variety of sports, known as sampling, can have long-term benefits. Many of the world’s best athletes grew up playing multiple sports. An estimated 7 out of 10 U.S. Olympians grew up as multi-sport athletes. Playing multiple sports helps athletes improve overall skills and abilities to make them smarter players and more physically developed.

As a community coach, there are things you can do to support kids in taking this multi-sport approach. In this virtual workshop, international speakers will demonstrate useful techniques for the development of multisport programs for young athletes. Also, give them new ideas on how to embed activities in their practices that encourage overall athleticism.

participants will learn how to support kids who want to be “multi-sport” and how to modify existing classes to Multisport. the workshop offers step-by-step guidance for coaches and organizations in creating their multi-sport programs.


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